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Vipla manufactures and delivers urns to funeral homes and retailers in Sweden and throughout Europe.

Our urns

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Sand urns

Our patented sand urns have a very short biodegradation time compared to urns made of wood. Our sand urns are particularly suitable for water immersion ceremonies,  but are also suitable for burial in the ground.

Photo urns with custom images

We have the right machines, materials, and expertise to deliver photo urns according to our clients’ preferences. Your end customers can choose from our existing motifs or opt for a uniquely customized urn with a personal image.

Classic wooden urns

Our extensive range of wooden urns often appeals to individuals seeking a classic and timeless design. Our timeless wooden urns are available in full-round and hexagonal models. We manufacture our urns in various types of wood, offering different finishes and/or colors.

About Vipla

Vipla offers a wide selection of high-quality cremation urns to businesses in the funeral industry. We have our own manufacturing and warehouse facility in Laholm, Sweden, where we established our operations in 2001. Through in-house development and production, we have the capability to provide you with the right urns for your customers — both today and in the future.

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